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Our vision for UFAN8 is to return the industry to artists.

We wanted to give every independent artist and musician an equal opportunity to build their career and become a star. Today, only a microcosm of entertainers ever “make it” big, or at least big enough to be a full-time entertainer, we exist to give everyone a shot to do what they love for a living. We've been working hard for over 3 years to plan and build UFAN8, now it's your turn to get in on this exciting new fan based economy!


Broadcast yourself to thousands. Gig nightly and watch your career explode!

The opportunity to rethink
an entire industry

We are here to change the way artists perform

Time to flip the music industry on it's side.

The popular music industry is largely controlled by a handful of corporations, music labels and networks of distribution. The artists represented by them are contracted to a select number of large booking agencies and venue owned and operated live events companies.

These few groups work to keep only their artists in the “public eye” through their multi-billion dollar industry reach, effectively locking out millions independent performers and artists from reaching potential fans and doing what they love to do for a living.

Every day the live streaming entertainment industry is growing!

Who will be using UFAN8?

Everyone loves music. Anyone that loves artistry.

People enjoy watching highly skilled artists whom are talented and extremely entertaining when it involves a shared interest or genre.

UFAN8 is an honest means of music and creative discovery proven to influence decision to support an artist.

UFAN8 is more than a spectator experience; it is live social video that relies on audio and a real-time chat to enable artists and their audiences to interact about everything from music itself, to pop culture to life in general.

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